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As we do with our family, our pets deserve the dignity of being remembered in an approporiate and heartfelt manner. At Forever Loved we provide you with options that help you celebrate your beloved animal's life in death.

Golden Bay

Complimentary with your service.

For all of our services we offer this gloss-finish cardboard as complimentary for your pet.

Deep Purple in colour furnished with a gold label of the Pet's Name.


Abel Tasman

A personalised option to best remember your furry companion.

Similar in style to the Wooden Box, the Photo Box is manufactured from imported timber finished in Cherry Walnut. A recycled glass frame allows you to keep a cherished 6x9 photo as a fine momento. See options for engraved plaques (additional costs apply).



Beautifully crafted.

A simple yet stylishly effective box finished in native New Zealand Rimu. See options for engravings and plaques (additional costs apply).



Words that help express your loss.

Cost based on number of letters.

Like an epitath or headstone, we provide a wide range of brass plaques to name your Pet or solmnise its existence. 


Available engraved directly onto the box, or a fixed metallic plaque available in a brass, silver, or black finish.


Pick Up &
Service Charges

To ease the burden of organising your Pet's service, we offer a pick-up either directly from you or from your Vet if you choose not to drop-off.

Charges are based not on the type or breed of the animal but it's weight; as individualised as your Pet itself.

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